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Services Provided

  • Sofa Seats (Fabric & Leather) - based on number of seats
  • Carpets - based on sq ft.
  • Why You Need To Regularly Clean Your Upholstery & Carpet?

    ApnaService understands that maintaining your sofa and carpets can be not only costly but also a hassle. Moving your furniture and waiting to step back onto your carpets can be annoying.

    That said, it really is a small price to pay when you consider the advantages of regularly having your sofa & carpets steam cleaned - improves the look and condition of your couch & carpets, increases the sofa's & carpet's lifespan, remove dust, debris, and dust mites that can otherwise cause health issues for your family.

    So you see, when you consider both the risks of using a less than qualified carpet cleaner or not having your carpets cleaned at all, it really does make a lot of sense to call our fully experienced best team of sofa and carpet cleaners at ApnaService when the time comes around to give your upholstery, carpets the attention they need and deserve.